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PaperBack Swap

Are you a bibliophile on a tight budget? I love books and have a collection of over 2000 children’s picture books. As an author of children’s books, I hope you support your local independent book store. But sometimes the book you want is out of print so consider this website and trading for it.


Check out PaperBackSwap.com for the easiest way to swap the books you don’t need or read any more (cookbooks, craft books, even Cliff notes, anything with an ISBN!)  You list the books and when someone requests one, you print the mailing label (and postage if you want) and mail it media rate.  You’ll receive a credit when it’s received and you can then go swapping.  You receive credit just for signing up and if you use my name as a referral, I even earn a credit. There is a small annual fee but well worth it. pbs_logo-V2